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ebike vs přestavba

Functions and attributes E-bikes Conversion kit
Motor power 250 W
Motor power over 250 W (up to 1000 W)
Speed limit up to 25 km/h
Unlocking speed limits for free and without loss of warranty
Integrated components in the wheel frame
Optional components (display, battery capacity, motor power, etc.)
Easy disassembly of components for transfer to another bike
Weight in kg approx 23 kg approx 22 kg*
* weight of electric set 7.7 kg and ordinary bicycle 14.3 kg
Conversion kits vs e-bikes:
  • A huge advantage of the conversion set over the serial e-bike is the possibility of higher performance. The maximum power of e-bikes is 250 W, the maximum power of the conversion set is up to 1000 W.
  • VIn the case of the set, everyone can switch off the speed limit to 25 km / h via the display settings without losing the warranty. Speed-releasing e-bikes cost several thousand crowns and often result in loss of warranty.
  • You can choose the power of the motor, the location of the battery and its capacity, the type of display, the charging speed and the size of the chainring. All parts are compatible, so you can increase the power or extend your range at any time. For e-bikes, you are limited by the dealer's offer. 
  • The classic bicycle is retrofitted with a conversion kit, so the appearance of the electrified bicycle will never be as clean and compact as the factory e-bike, which has an integrated drive and cables routed inside the frame.  
  • The conversion kit can be removed at any time and installed on another bike.
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