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Company with VAT ID
  • The possibility of returning the goods does not apply to companies with VAT ID.
Regular customer
  • You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days for a full refund, for any reason and without a justification.

We place an order for you at the showroom, but it is not possible to pay in cash or by card. You can make an online payment or bank transfer. Company with VAT ID
  • If the delivery address is in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to pay 21% VAT anyway.

There is no option to place an order on our web shop in advance. The goods can be ordered only if they are in stock. Stock is displayed in the product detail.

Company with VAT ID
  • We provide a guarantee for 12 months from the date of delivery for our product. If you want to extend this warranty period, please contact us via email info@evbike.cz.
Regular customer
  • We provide a guarantee for 24 months from the date of delivery for our product. There is no possibility to extend the warranty.

It is possible to pick up only a prepaid order in person and only by prior arrangement. It is not possible to pay for the order at the showroom in Prague.
Company with VAT ID
  • It is necessary to sign the VAT declaration when you pick up your order in Prague

  • If you are in the European Union and you do not have a valid VAT ID, then we need to add 21% VAT to your order. If you are in the European Union and you have a valid VAT ID, you do not need to pay the 21% VAT.
  • Check your EU VAT ID on the VIES VAT number validation website.

  • Carefully check the shipment before confirming the delivery to courier. If the package is damaged even slightly, file a complaint with the driver or the delivering agent. If you accept the shipment without a complaint, it is very hard to request additional claims after delivery.
  • Claim the shipment by sending photos via email to info@evbike.cz within 48 hours after delivery. Subsequent requests will not be taken into account!
  • Additional suggestions: Always take photos of the damaged package before unpacking to record the outside damage.

  • Fill in the complaint form. Print the filled form and send it with the complaint.
  • Pack the defective goods carefully so the goods and their original packaging are not mechanically damaged during transport.
  • We do not accept cash on delivery.
Address for sending complaints:
Českobrodská 7/34
190 00 Prague 9
Czech republic

  • If you did not receive a part of the shipment or the shipment was damaged, please contact the us to file a complaint.
  • When you recieve a package, please check your package carefully for damage, completeness and number of delivered parcels. In case of any doubts, it is necessary to write down a complain with UPS driver immediately and make the full record of delivery and problem. Otherwise we can't guarantee you compensation for damaged goods.