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Separate motor without rim designed for entanglement in the front wheel. BLDC (brushless DC). More >>

The engine is ready for entanglement in a 20 "-29" rim (entanglement is possible in a bicycle service)su)

  • variability of conversion (bicycles, scooters, tricycles)
  • maintenance-free, robust and durable motor construction
  • possibility of entanglement
  • a brake disc can be mounted on the motor

With the engine we recommend to buy a complete electrical equipment. 

TIP: If you purchase a battery with a voltage of 36 V, the power of the direct drive will be 500 W. This power is suitable for light cycling and riders up to 90 kg. If you connect a 48 V battery to the direct drive, the power will automatically increase to 750 W. This power will be used by heavier riders, increasing your acceleration and maximum speed for your ebike. 
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