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Set for conversion of a wheel to an e-bike with rear drive and a 26 " rim, power of 500W with a 36V battery or 750W with a 48V battery. It contains complete electrical equipment, a display and a control unit. The kit only needs to be supplemented with a battery and charger. More >>

A set for converting a wheel to an electric bike with an innovated control unit that supports voltages of 36 and 48 V. The unit can now read data on speed and distance traveled directly from the engine, so the set no longer contains a speed sensor. Making installation is easier and clearer. The set is designed for mounting in the rear wheel and screw cassette.

TIP: If you purchase a battery with a voltage of 36 V, the power of the direct drive will be 500 W. This power is suitable for light cycling and riders up to 90 kg. If you connect a 48 V battery to the direct drive, the power will automatically increase to 750 W. This power will be used by heavier riders, increasing your acceleration and maximum speed for your ebike.

Thanks to the high torque of a powerful engine, it is possible to ride a bike in accelerator mode. The engine is maintenance-free and, thanks to its robust construction, can be significantly overloaded without damaging it.

TIP: In the Parameters, Downloads and Video tutorials tabs you will find all technical information about the whole set, videos for its installation and manuals in PDF.

Advantages of the EVBIKE set:

  • multifunctional, backlit LCD display which, in addition to driving information, shows the current energy consumption (W), battery voltage (V) and more…
  • possibility to activate or deactivate cruise control
  • The L + P e-brake lever with switch allows you to take the engine out of service immediately
  • variability of conversion (bicycles, scooters, tricycles)
  • maintenance-free, robust and durable motor construction
  • possibility of weaving into the 20 "-28" rim (weaving is possible in a specialized bicycle service)
  • a brake disc can be mounted on the motor
  • the rear drive has a thread on the screw cassette

Package contents:

  • 26 "rim string motor
  • LCD display with control
  • control unit
  • L + R brake lever with disconnector
  • rotary accelerator
  • central cable harness
  • pedal assistant

The cable length:

  • display: 300 mm
  • brakes: 400 mm
  • accelerator: 400 mm
  • power cable (from the controller): 1200 mm
  • motor cable (from controller): 1200 mm
  • motor cable (from motor): 350 mm
  • main wiring harness connection: 170 mm
  • main wiring harness: 1100 mm
  • pedal sensor cable: 950 mm

The minimum distance for the front axle is 100 mm and for the rear axle 135 mm. The engine is designed for the rear forks of the frame with a width of +/- 135 mm. The kit must be supplemented with a battery that is not included in the package.


Motor power
500W/36V, 750W/48V
Motor programming
7,9 kg
Rim size
Optional display
Walking assistance
Yes (6 km/h)
Cruise control
Load capacity
100 kg
Number of permanent magnets
Size of permanent magnets
27 x 13,7 x 3 mm
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