Interflon Tube Dispenser


One-hand operated precision grease and paste dispenser More

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One-hand operated precision grease and paste dispenser More

Interflon Bike

Interflon Tube Dispenser

Quality precision tool for lubrication of screw threaded parts, pin-bush connections, bearings or other applications that needs a precise amount of lubricant or paste.


  • Single handed operation
  • Lubrication in narrow places
  • Accurate, no more grease spillage
  • Cost saving
  • Handy hanging loop to attach to workstation or for storage
  • Very durable pumping system
  • High quality metal parts
  • Precision milled metal components
  • Spring operated pumping system
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fits M15 x 1.5 connections
  • Suitable for all industries
  • Specially made for Interflon

Suitable for: 

Interflon Assembly Grease, Interflon Fluor Grease 2, Interflon Paste HT1200, Interflon White Grease