Motor power 250W, smaller bag battery capacity 13Ah with a range of up to 100 km

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The motor is mounted in the frame instead of the pedal center. Thanks to the fact that the engine is installed in the middle of the wheel, the optimum center of gravity is achieved and driving characteristics are not limited. It is resistant to the ingress of dust and water jets (IP65). The motor is designed for center axles measuring 68 - 72 mm. The advantage of central drives is that they have a range of up to 35% longer than the hub-drive motor. They are so versatile that they can be installed on 99% of series-produced bicycles. More about the motor ►

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The EVBIKE 13 Ah (468 Wh) battery comes with a fabric bag that can be placed in a frame, backpack, or according to your needs and possibilities of use. The battery includes an intelligent protective BMS module for balancing cells, their protection against undercharging and discharge. The battery has no memory effect and does not support recuperation. The battery itself is in a plastic box with a charging and discharging connector. More about the battery ►

TIP: Connect the charger to the mains first and then connect the charging connector to the battery. Otherwise, the connectors may be damaged.
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Package contents:

  • Motor 36 V, 250 W
  • Bag battery 36 V, 13 Ah
  • Charger 5 A
  • Main wiring harness with 4 outputs
  • Speed ​​sensor with magnet
  • Chainring 46T with protective cover
  • L + R pedal crank
  • Mounting material (screws and nuts)
TIP: Before installing the motor, we recommend purchasing special wrenches to tighten the lock and counter nuts and thread glue.
TIP: If you are wondering if your bike can be electrified, check out the gallery of already rebuilt bikes and get an inspiration ►
Battery capacity
13 Ah (468 Wh)
Motor power
250 W
Motor weight
4,7 kg
50 Nm, peak torque 80 Nm
Motor noise
<55 dB (silent mode)
Torque sensor
To the center axis
68-72 mm
Motor programming
Battery weight
2,38 kg
Battery size
300 x 80 x 75 mm
Optional display
Number of cycles
800 (capacity reduced by max. 30 %)
Nominal voltage
3.7 V
Cell composition
Lithium (Li-ion)
80 - 130 km
Charging current
5 A, 2 A
USB output
Walking assistance
Yes (6 km/h)
IP65 cabling protection
Memory effect