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Motor with rim (double-walled duralumin 205B-27-7x9) 26 "to the rear wheel with a power of 500W (36V) or 750W (48V). BLDC (brushless DC). The EVBIKE motor excels in high torque. More >>

The 500W motor version with a 36 V battery connection is a popular and affordable variant of the electric drive for your bicycle. After connecting a 48 V battery, you will increase the motor power up to 750 W. Thanks to the high torque of a powerful engine, it is possible to ride a bike in accelerator mode. The motor is maintenance-free and, thanks to its robust construction, can be significantly overloaded without damaging it. A 2.3 mm diameter string is used in the rim, compared to the standard 2.1 mm. This is due to the high torque of the engine.

The motor is ready for disc brake mounting. The width of the motor shaft is +/- 135 mm, the motor is ready for mounting a multi-wheel screw.


Motor power
500W/36V, 750W/48V
Motor programming
6,6 kg
Rim size
Optional display
Walking assistance
Yes (6 km/h)
Cruise control
Load capacity
100 kg
Number of permanent magnets
Size of permanent magnets
27 x 13,7 x 3 mm
Jak funguje přímý pohon EVBIKE?

Jak funguje přímý pohon EVBIKE?

Sada EVBIKE využívá výhradně stejnosměrné bezkartáčové motory. Zde naleznete popis konstrukce a jaké výhody vám použití tohoto typu motoru přináší. 

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