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The complete EVBIKE set with a motor entangled in the rear 26" rim with a controller, cabling, 15,6Ah 36V frame battery and a 5A fast charger. Motor power: 500 W with 36V battery. BLDC (brushless DC). More >>

The conversion kit is complete. You do not need any additional accessories.

The new control unit can read data about speed and distance traveled directly from the engine and thanks to this the set no longer contains a speed sensor. Making installation is easier and clearer. After connecting a 36V battery the nominal power of the motor is 500 W. Thanks to the high torque of a powerful motor it is possible to ride a bike in accelerator mode. The motor is maintenance-free and, thanks to its robust construction, can be significantly overloaded.

The EVBIKE 15.6 Ah (562 Wh) battery is very easy to install on the bike frame instead of the bottle holder. By placing the battery in the middle of the wheel, the optimum center of gravity is achieved. The battery is equipped with a security lock against theft. After unlocking, it can be easily removed from the holder, eg during charging or transport. The battery includes an intelligent protective BMS module for balancing cells, their protection against undercharging and discharge. The battery includes a USB output for charging an external device. More about battery ►

TIP: Connect the charger to the mains first and then connect the charging connector to the battery. Otherwise, the connectors may be damaged.

Advantages of the EVBIKE set:

  • multifunctional backlit LCD display which in addition to driving information, shows the current energy consumption (W), battery voltage (V) and more…
  • possibility to activate or deactivate cruise control
  • The L + P e-brake lever with switch allows you to take the engine out of operation immediately
  • variability of conversion (bicycles, scooters, tricycles)
  • maintenance-free, robust and durable motor construction
  • possibility of weaving into the rim 20 "-28" (in a specialized service)
  • a brake disc can be mounted on the motor
  • the rear drive has a thread on the screw cassette

The cable length:

  • display: 300 mm
  • brakes: 400 mm
  • accelerator: 400 mm
  • power cable (from the controller): 1200 mm
  • motor cable (from controller): 1200 mm
  • motor cable (from motor): 350 mm
  • main wiring harness connection: 170 mm
  • main wiring harness: 1100 mm
  • pedal sensor cable: 950 mm
TIP: The minimum distance for the front axle is 100 mm and for the rear axle 135 mm. When installing the kit in the front wheel, we recommend using a non-slip ratchet to secure the engine against twisting in the fork.
TIP: If you are wondering if your bike can be electrified, check out the gallery of already rebuilt bikes and get an inspiration ►

Package contents:

  • Motor with 26 " rim string
  • Frame battery 36V 15,6 Ah 
  • Charger 5A
  • LCD display with control
  • Programmable control unit
  • L + R brake lever with disconnector
  • Rotary accelerator
  • Central wiring harness
  • Pedal assistant
  • 2x key


Battery capacity
Battery location
Motor power
Motor weight
6,6 kg
Motor programming
Battery weight
4,1 kg
Rim size
Battery size
367 x 115 x 90 mm
Number of cycles
800 (capacity reduced by max. 30 %)
80 - 160 km
USB output
Walking assistance
Yes (6 km/h)
Cruise control
Load capacity
100 kg
Number of permanent magnets
Size of permanent magnets
27 x 13,7 x 3 mm
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