SET EXTREME FOR THE MOST DEMANDING RIDERS - Motor power: 1000W + gearsensor, Battery range and location: Frame, range up to 200 km (19Ah 912Wh), Charging speed: Standard 2 A, Display type: LCD C965

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An ebike with this type of motor has an optimal center of gravity in the middle of the bike and riding characteristics are not limited in any way. By changing gears, it is also possible to achieve higher speeds. Power 750W is suitable for heavier riders or more demanding cyclists who want higher power in more demanding terrain. More about the motor ►

Why the kit includes GEARSENSOR (shift sensor)

The sensor shuts down the drive each time you shift and thus provides a significantly longer life for the entire shift system. It is a unique patented system, developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is based on an intelligent shift sensor mounted on the shift cable that reduces or disengages the drive when the rider activates the shift.  

TIP: The kit includes a shift sensor that plugs into the brake connector, if you want to connect the left and right brake levers at the same time, you will need a brake connector hub.
TIP: In the Downloads and Video ducts, you find all the technical information, videos for installation and manuals in PDF.

EVBIKE batteries have a built-in intelligent protection module that protects them from undercharging and discharging. Batteris do not support recuperation. You can choose the type of fixed battery on the bike frame, on the carrier, or batteries in the bag, which have a wide range of placement options according to the requirements of the rider. Battery capacity affects the range. You can drive up to 160 km on a single charge in economy mode. More about batteries ►

TIP:Connect the charger to the mains first and then connect the charging connector to the battery. Otherwise, the connectors may be damaged.

LCD displays are placed in the center of the handlebars or on the left side and with their help you control the entire e-bike. You can unlock the speed limit of 25 km / h (off-road) on the displays by yourself without losing the warranty. More about displays ►

TIP:  If you are wondering if your bike can also be electrified, take a look at the gallery of already rebuilt bikes and get an inspiration ►

Package contents:

  • Motor 48 V, 1000 W
  • Batteries of your choice
  • Charger with charging current 2A or 5A
  • Display of your choice
  • Gearsensor
  • Main cable bundle with 4 outputs
  • Speed sensor with a magnet
  • Chainring 44T
  • L+R pedal crank
  • Assembly material (screws and nuts)
Complete weight
11 kg - 15 kg (dle baterie)
Motor power
1000 W
Motor weight
6,6 kg
130 Nm, peak torque 160 Nm
Motor noise
<55 dB (silent mode)
Torque sensor
To the center axis
68-72 mm
Motor programming
Battery weight
3,6 kg - 4,3 kg
Nominal voltage
3.7 V
Cell composition
Lithium (Li-ion)
IP65 cabling protection