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EVBIKE bag battery has a capacity of 13 Ah at 48V. Maximum real range is up to 140 km. Includes Intelligent Protection System (BMS). The battery can be charged with a 5A quick charger. More >>

Enjoy a long range with the right battery

High capacity EVBIKE battery with a capacity of 13 Ah (624 Wh). The battery is supplied with a fabric bag, which can be placed in a frame, backpack, or according to your needs and possible use. The battery includes an intelligent protective BMS module for balancing cells, their protection against undercharging and discharge. The battery has no memory effect and does not support recuperation.

TIP: In the Downloads and Video tutorial, you will find all the technical information about the battery, videos for installing it, and manuals in PDF.

The battery itself is in a plastic box with a charging and discharging connector. When using the battery, pay attention to the protection against the ingress of water and moisture, see operating Instructions. The battery bag only serves as a protective cover, not as a full-fledged battery carrier; if you want to use the battery on the bike frame, we recommend  you to fasten it securely with cable ties. This battery can be charged with a 2A or fast 5A charger. The charger is not included.

Package contents:

  • Battery 48 V / 13 Ah with Samsung cells
  • Fabric cover with attachment to the frame

Important for battery operation:

  • The battery must always be recharged before the first ride (after a long break) (I charge first, then I drive)
  • After driving, we recommend recharging the battery and not leaving it discharged
  • Before the end of the season and during long-term storage, the battery must be recharged to 50% (I will charge to 50% and then end the season)
  • Leaving the battery without maintenance will damage it and void the warranty (when I want to drive, I have to take good care of the battery)
TIP: Connect the charger to the mains first and then connect the charging connector to the battery. Otherwise, the connectors may be damaged.
Lithium cells are prone to damage due to deep discharge or overcharging. The EVBIKE batteries therefore have an intelligent programmable circuit controlled by a microprocessor. This circuit can put the battery to sleep when is not in use and protect it from rapid discharge. It also protects the battery in non-standard situations, when the battery is disconnected from the charger or traction contacts.

The range depends on the rider's weight, the intensity of the tread, the terrain relief, the riding style and the type of drive. When driving economically with a rider of weigh 70 kg, the range can normally be extended up to more than 100 km.
TIP: Calculate how far you can ride with this battery. Try our range calculator.


Battery capacity
Weight incl. bag
3 kg
Number of cycles
800 (capacity reduced by max. 30 %)
Nominal voltage
3.7 V
Cell composition
Lithium (Li-ion)
Optimal discharge current
20 A (max 35A <5sec)
370 x 90 x 75 mm
Charging current
5 A, 2 A
Discharge cable length
34 cm
Memory effect
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